’s first QLD Caravan and Camping Show!

by Andrew on June 27, 2012

Hey happy campers!

Wow! what a busy last few months we have had! One of the highlights for us here at was definitely going to the QLD Caravan and Camping show at the RNA showgrounds in Brisbane this month.

We got to see so many great camper trailers and meet the manufacturers as well and which is great news for you because you will have a QLD based camper trailer manufacturer coming on very soon.

Anyway, there is my little video to introduce you to the QLD Caravan and Camping show for 2012 and now I will share with you some of the great things I learnt and things I saw.

I wasn’t going to miss this!

One of the greatest things about Camping shows is the presentations they have about camping every day! Whether it be about towing or solar power or working around Australia, these shows have all you need to know. The good news is though is that I took tonnes of notes and will be talking to some of the presenters and companies that shared this information and getting it up on our site so if you didn’t make it you won’t miss out.

Fantastic information

As you can see from the video and pictures it was a bit wet while I was there but that didn’t stop the 10’s of thousands of people coming to the show and packing out the seminar room.

The show was heaps of fun and they had a competition that made you travel around the whole event so you would see everything they had on show.

QLD Caravan and Camping Show Competition

A great way to see the show!

They were like checkpoints and if you got your competition card punched at each checkpoint you would go into the drawer for a prize worth.

The competition prize from the QLD Caravan and Camping Show

The Prizes!


There were almost 20 different camper trailer manufacturers at the show ranging from $3000 to over $100000. There is something for everyone no matter what your taste in camping is.

Camper Trailers at the show

And this is what I was here for!

It was great to see all the different types of campers from on road to fully off road, from campers that fit to your ute and on top of your 4wd to flip top and of course everything up to your fully decked out caravan.

A nice roof top camper

A nice roof top camper on the right

Look out for new articles soon and of course new manufacturers!

We will keep you up to date with all things camper trailers and this show inspired us here at to try and bring you the show to your very home everyday through

Talk to you soon,


PS.  Here are some more pictures.. happy camping and happy viewing

The first checkpoint

The first checkpoint

A trailer car port

A trailer car port

A whole room full of places to go in every state!

A whole room full of places to go in every state!

The show grounds is huge!

The show grounds is huge!

Some more campers

Some more campers



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Anthony July 2, 2012 at 5:38 am

I am not a big fan of camping, never have been really, because it is done in what seems like the hottest part of the year. Why can’t people ever go camping in the spring or even fall? I would prefer camping In the winter rather than summer any day. Maybe if I had one of those huge Winnebago’s it would be enough comfort to tolerate camping in the summer.


Andrew July 6, 2012 at 4:03 pm

Hey Anthony, I know what you mean. I lived in Darwin for 7 years and the dry season was the only time to go camping. Though we still did in the wet (hottest and most humid) part of the year just to see the amazing falls and rock holes around the Northern Territory.


Tim July 2, 2012 at 9:33 pm

My husband and I have considered getting one of those big camper trailers and traveling when we retire, like that is an original idea, but I didn’t see very many of those in your pictures. Will you get to those in the future posts you will be doing? I know the prices are going to be in the over $100000 range so that won’t surprise me.


Andrew July 6, 2012 at 4:01 pm

Hey Tim and (you didnt mention your name), a great idea doesn’t have to be an original idea. Its a dream come true for many who retire. Our site is all about Australian made campers so down the track we will share more and more of the higher end campers, especially when we get some on board. They are just amazing pieces of lifestyle machinery though :)


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